Why Choose 360 Athlete

People have asked me why I’m so passionate about what I do and how I do it.  Simple, I’ve done it wrong and I continue to see it done wrong.  In school I was naturally gifted and had a lot of high expectations around the middle school age.  It’s around this time that I started lifting weights and working out seriously.  I can remember I had very little guidance other than what some of the coaches wanted us to do.  Although they had the best of intentions, I later found out that I was really doing it all wrong.  I focused on the “popular” lifts mostly, bench and squat.  I actually began squatting with the high schoolers and got ridiculously strong.  However, I got super strong in certain areas and neglected many others.  This is what eventually led me down a road of being injury prone.  I had a TON of injuries and no one ever really knew why.  From an evulsion fracture in my hip to countless hamstring pulls, I was always hurt.  Eventually a torn hamstring ended it all.  It wasn’t till years later when I began to learn and study more about the body that it all started to make sense.  In my case, I developed overly strong quads and my hamstrings were so weak they couldn’t keep up.  Years later I finally knew my training had actually done more harm than good.  I frequently look back at those high school years and wonder, “what if”.  I never want anyone to wonder “what if I wasn’t hurt all the time”  These are some magical years that you can never get back.

What I want to come through with my story is my PASSION.  I don’t do guarantees but what I will promise is, there is not another trainer or program out there that will treat your young athlete with as much passion as I do.  Each 360 Athlete becomes part of my family and an adopted son/daughter and I have as much care and attention to detail as I do with my own children.  That I can promise you won’t get anywhere else and is also why I’ve chosen to do this in a private setting.  That attention to detail simply can not be achieved if you are training in a group.  That’s what 360 Athlete is about, the personal approach to each and every athlete that comes to train.