Reduce Injury while training, Reduce injury in competition, Improve performance,

Address ALL aspects of being an athlete

1 on 1 Private Training

Imagine trying to learn how to ride a bike in a class of 15 kids with one instructor? Not very efficient and likely even dangerous. There are key fundamentals and movement patterns that are critical to learn correctly and early to establish a base of training for athletes. Many of these things end up being flawed all the way up to the pro level because they were never learned correctly. Try correcting movement patterns that are now causing injuries in a 20 year old athlete! Not easy but I’ve had to do it myself, even with pro athletes!

That is only one reason to train one on one among many. Ask yourself, do top level athletes go to a class or do they hire an elite trainer one on one?

Each athlete is an individual. Which means they move different than everyone else. They have different needs than everyone else. They are motivated differently than everyone else. They have bad days and good days that need to be adjusted for. A class will never be able to adjust for different genetics, levels of passion/interest, cultural/social influences, or the varying levels of coaching they’ve received along the way. A class will have beginners and more advanced levels regardless of how the classes are broken up. I get it, classes and group training was created out of necessity. The cost to operate and run a big beautiful facility are enormous and revenue can’t come from training 1 on 1. There’s not enough time or money to justify it. A private facility was the solution for me to be able to train the most effective way possible and make it affordable for everyone.

What is a 360 Athlete? 

I believe there is more to being a top level athlete than just training speed or strength. Look around at other programs and you’ll find I’m probably in the minority here! Most places focus on developing a FAST athlete, or a STRONG athlete. To me it’s much much more than that. In reality, most athletes will never see competition after high school. Even less go on to the pro level. I prepare each athlete as if there is no end in sight for them but if there is, they will come away with so much more than being the fastest or strongest they can be. Everything they learn are tools they can take with them for the rest of their life regardless of where life takes them. I believe athletics are an unbelievable tool to help prepare for life in general, and I want this training to be the same. Read More