Everything is all inclusive and straight forward.  I don’t believe in having a package for this and a package for that adding on expenses to your bill.  I cover nutrition, flexibility, education, recovery and everything in to my sessions.  Every session is either one on one or at most 2 on 1.  Even with the 2 on 1 training, it is an individual approach.  I will work with one athlete while the other is either resting or doing a stretch/exercise that doesn’t require my attention.  All sessions are one hour in length.

The first step is to contact me and set up a consultation.  I have very limited spaces available at any given time so the fit has to be right for both of us.  The consultation is where you’ll come out to meet me and see my facility.  I’ll explain to you my philosophies and ways of training and I’ll get to know you as well.  There is no pressure whatsoever, this is strictly to make sure it’s a good fit for everyone.  You need to be sure this is right for you, your son or your daughter.  I need to make sure that everyone is committed and the athlete is ready for the commitment as well.  I’ll let you check out some of the equipment and give a rundown of how each session is run.  I will never ask for a commitment on the spot, I’ve been in sales and I know how uncomfortable that can be.  I want you to go home, discuss it and make sure this is a good decision.